STEAM Education
          We are working hard at Sampoerna Academy to have a successful STEAEXPO every year. We try to reach out to more students from K-12 in order to encourage them to think about the environmental problems and social issues, then come up with new perspectives that can lead solutions for the problems. STEAM projects allow them to think in the way the innovators, scientists, and other professionals think. A scientific approach is a proper method to find out a correct answer or many possible answers for the problems and questions we encounter every day. 
           Students at Sampoerna Academy on all campuses are in their quest to find out the best design, the best answer, the best solution, and probably the best presentation. They were given a chance to pick a scientific/engineering/social problem/topic of their interest to investigate over the course of 7 months and end up with EXPO in February and  March 2020 to share their findings and results with other students, parents, community members, experts in the field of STEAM. It’s a huge event where students interact with others and show the skills (21st century) they gained in their classes to the public and academia.

          Having said that, we are writing to extend an invitation for you to participate as a judge at Sampoerna Academy STEAM EXPO. We are hoping that you would be able to contribute a small amount of your time to make help this experience more meaningful for all participating students. It is nice for them to present their projects to their teachers and classmates; but presenting their projects to experts (engineers, scientists, artists, civil servants, doctors, lecturers, etc.) gives them new respects and insights for the work they have done.

Volunteers are needed and judging will take place at the following locations and dates: 
                                       Sampoerna Academy Medan Campus:                                        7 March Saturday, 2020
                                       Jln. Jamin Ginting,
                                       Kompleks Citra Garden, Medan 
                                      Sampoerna Academy L’Avenue Campus:                                     7 March Saturday, 2020
                                      Jln. Raya Pasar Minggu, Kav. 16
                                      Pancoran, Jakarta 12780
                                     Sampoerna Academy Sentul Campus                                           7 March Saturday, 2020
                                     Sentul Alaya,
                                     Sentul City, Bogor
                                    Sampoerna Academy BSD Campus                                               7 March Saturday, 2020
                                    Jln. Raya Serpong
                                    BSD CBD Lot II-2 Lengkong Gudang,
                                    Serpong Tangerang Selatan

By participating in this event you will be helping to support our schools, our neighboring communities, and encourage future professionals in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) fields.
    If you think that you can be a judge to evaluate students’ work during STEAEXPO on the mentioned dates above please fill the registration form below and submit it. Within 2 weeks, you will receive a confirmation message from the STEAEXPO 2020 committee confirming your registration. A Judging handbook and detailed information will be shared later. However,  you can find general information, tips, and some procedures here.
     Thank you in advance for your consideration and we hope to have the pleasure of your participation in our STEAM EXPO 2020. 

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