Create a group

First, you need to know what subject you interested in. Music, Computer, History, Science, Engineering or Sports. Whatever the subject you choose, make sure that it can hold your interest to stick with that subject for a long time.  

Dear Students,

We know that finding an interesting topic is one of the important and maybe the most difficult parts of your STEAM project. You just don't want your STEAM project to be about something that is boring because you will spend a lot of time on your approved project.

Select your STEAM project topic

To find out what categories are available for your STEAM project, please visit our Project selection page.  Thinking ahead of time before the registration process is very critical and it will save you a lot of stress and unhappiness later. If you already have picked a project, please make sure the following "life-saving" facts;

- if any experiments involve your project, is your experiment safe to perform?

- Do you have all the materials and equipment you need for your STEAM project, or will you be able to obtain them in a reasonable amount of time at a cost that is okay for your family?

- Do you have enough time to do your experiment before the STEAM EXPO? Some experiments require a few or more months to complete and gather the results.

- Is your STEAM project widespread, simple, and below your grade level? Then make sure that it's advanced enough that can challenge you and something that helps you improve your skills.

Do background research

After the selection of the project, it is necessary to research the subject.  You need to research what techniques and equipment might be the best for investigating your topic. Some of the benefits of doing research are followings; 

- deep understanding of your topic

- how advanced your topic is

- what materials will be used 

- any experimental stages

- duration of your project\ experiment

You are allowed to choose your group members before you select your project. Students in grades 3-9 can form a group of a maximum of 5 and students in grades 10-12 can make a group of up to 6.