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Buck Institute for EDUCATION

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How can we impact hunger in our community?

Literary Playlist

How can we use music to communicate about characters and themes in a story?

Creative License

Which is better: the book or the movie?

The Moth

What is my story?

History in Pictures

How can we as historians design an interactive digital tool for a [local museum, historical society, or archive] that demonstrates our local community’s influence on a period in history?

Lifting Our Voices

How can we use our voices to effect change?

The Scoop on Our Stuff

What’s the true cost of the things we buy?

Ready for Anything

How can we keep our communities safe in the face of natural hazards?


How can we teach children to be stewards of the environment?

Mysteries, Solved!

What makes mystery readers keep turning the pages?

Rain or Shine

How can we teach people about the weather in our community?

Making the Grade

How can we design a good grading system?

Make a Difference

How can we take action to make a change in our community?

Healthy Choices = Long Life

How can our school best support our overall health and wellness?

Community Voices

How can we use data to tell a local story that will inform and motivate community members to action?

Stand By or Stand Up

What should we do about cyberbullying?

Journey to the Red Planet

How can humans safely explore Mars?

Community Photojournalist

How can we, as photojournalists, tell the untold stories of our community?

Waiting on the World to Change

How can we make change happen in our community?

Bridging the Gap

How can I survive middle school without losing myself?

Community Heroes

What makes someone a community hero?

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